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Gum Treatment

GINGIVITIS/ GUM DISEASE is the inflammation of the gums due to bacterial toxins accumulated on the tooth surface ,due to accumulation of food debris & plaque. Gum disease can usually be managed or prevented from causing further damage by generalized cleaning of your teeth, proper brushing and gargling with salt water or mouthwash. Your initial Periodontal/Gum treatment aims to remove the calculus (tartar) from surface of the tooth and within the pockets below the gum line (root surface debridement). This involves the careful use of powered hand operated cleaning instruments against the surfaces of the teeth. To reduce any discomfort during your treatment we typically use a local anesthetic to numb your gums. Periodontal treatment is usually carried out over several appointments. The number of appointments you will need depends on the severity and extent of your gum disease.

If you have a more aggressive form of gum disease you may also benefit from a short course of antibiotics alongside or after your treatment. In some cases where a prognosis for a tooth is extremely poor, extraction may be advised. An extraction may be a suitable option if a tooth is very mobile/loose. There are also surgical options to manage your gum disease should root surface debridement alone not be sufficient. We will also instruct you on the best methods to clean your teeth and gums as treatment will be more effective if you clean your teeth carefully on a daily basis.

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