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Surgical Extraction & Impactions

Third molar removal, especially in the case of impaction, may require a more complicated surgical extraction. The dentist or oral surgeon has to cut into the gum to access the tooth. Larger teeth might be cut into smaller pieces to make them easier to remove.

The video animation below shows methods for extracting wisdom teeth at various levels of impaction. The same type of elevator tool is used as in a simple extraction.

Tooth extraction under general anaesthetic : -

Most extractions, even surgical ones, can be done under local anaesthetic. This means you are awake for the procedure but you won’t feel any pain. However, more complex cases may need to be performed under general anaesthetic, by a dental surgeon in a hospital. In this case, the whole procedure takes place after you have been put to sleep.

Child tooth extraction under general anaesthetic is more common, especially if several teeth need to be removed. This makes the process less traumatic for the child since they won’t remember any of it. Adults who need to have multiple teeth extracted may also choose to do so under general anaesthetic (although NHS patients may not get this choice). This means going to hospital for the treatment but recovery will be much the same.

Another reason you may need a surgical procedure rather than a simple extraction is if there is no tooth remaining above the gum line. This might be because of severe decay or perhaps an injury. In this case, the dentist must cut into the gum to access the remaining tooth root.

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